Grab data from any Wikipedia table with a few clicks

ArgonStudio makes it real easy to grab data from a HTML table from any webpage and save it as CSV or edit it in the grid editor. In this post, we show you how to grab the data from a table in Wikipedia with just a few clicks. The page we will save the data from is the list of United States counties by per capita income. A small part of the table is shown below.

Enter the page URL

To begin with, navigate to the ArgonStudio editor, ensure you are on the HTML tab, and enter the URL into the text box as shown and click the Fetch button (1).

Choose the table to grab data from

The webpage will be fetched and parsed for tables. A list of tables appears in the Pick table drop-down. The tables are listed with the caption if available, or the header row if not. Pick the table you want to grab the data from.

Parsing HTML to CSV

The HTML code from the selected table appears in the Enter HTML text box (1). Click the Get CSV button (2) to parse the CSV.

Save or edit the CSV

And voila! the table is parsed to CSV and the CSV data appears in the text box. At this point:

  • you can edit the data and save it by clicking the Save CSV button (1).
  • Or, you can edit the CSV data in the grid editor by clicking the Fill Grid button (2).


In this post, we demonstrated how to grab data from any table on Wikipedia and save it to CSV with just a few clicks.

  • Enter the page URL.
  • Click the fetch button. The HTML is fetched from the web page and parsed for tables.
  • Choose the table from the list of tables. The table data is parsed and CSV is generated from it.
  • The generated CSV appears in the CSV box. Save it or edit it further in the grid editor.