Building a bar chart race

A bar chart race is an animation chart which presents the change in a measure with respect to time over multiple categories with category bars rolling on and off the screen. One example might be change in population of several countries of the world over many years.

In this post, we show you how ArgonStudio can help you make a bar chart race using data from a CSV file without requiring any programming.

Bar Chart Race of World Population Growth

The example we picked for this post is the change in population of countries of the world between 1960 and 2018.

  • Since there is no processing or cleaning up of the data required, we can directly load the CSV data into the charting panel. Click the Chart tab (1) and the open folder button (2) to load a CSV file. Navigate to the file location and select it. The data loaded is shown below (3).
  • In the chart panel below, click the Bar Chart Race tab and choose the columns from the drop-downs for X, Y and Category columns as follows: Value for the X column, Country Name for the Y column and Year for the category column. Finally click the Draw button to render the bar chart race.
  • And voila! we have the bar chart race. Configure it by clicking the bars shown (1).