Spices of

Indian Spices are used in Indian food in many ways. They may be used ground or whole,
fried or roasted, dry or as paste, added at the beginning or end of cooking, alone or in mixes (masalas).

Whole Spices

Indian food is as diverse as Indian culture itself with a dish and flavour for every palate.
Local customs and availability determine the balance of herbs and spices that characterise
regional cuisine, with each region of India producing its own unique dishes, from the pilaus
and breads of the North West region to the coconut chutneys of the tropical South.

Bay Leaves

Indian Bay Leaves (Tej Patta) are very different to Mediterranean Bay Leaves. They have a similar but milder fragrance and taste to cinnamon.


These seeds have a warm, sweet, liquorice-like flavour and are a delicious addition in many dishes, especially vegetable curries and desserts.

Black Salt

Top-Op Black Rock Salt Whole (Kala Namak) - not TRS brand as shown in image. See also 'Black Rock Salt Powder' in the 'Indian Spices (Ground)' category...


Natco Cardamoms are highly aromatic with a mellow sweetish taste. They are an essential ingredient in curries, pilaus, Indian ice-creams and desserts.


Green Cardamom have a unique fragrant aroma and sweet flavour reminiscent of Eucalyptus, which combined provide one of the essential spices for Indian Food.


Cloves are the dried buds of a tropical evergreen plant (Eugenia Caryophyllus). Picked when turning from pale green to a pinkish red they are dried to a deep rich brown.

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